Reports released by Winning Matters Consulting in association with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) at the respective FICCI Global Sports Summit "TURF":

In recognition that despite India’s historic performances at the 2012 London Olympic Games a lot needs to be done towards enabling India’s true sporting potential, FICCI and Winning Matters Consulting focused on assessing and enabling National Sports Federations (NSFs) towards facilitating Industry engagement. 

The report looks into the sports performance assessment of 21 Olympic sports (20 Individual sports with Hockey being the only team sport) based on their medal winning performances at major multi-sport events between 2008 and 2012 using the Sports Performance Index (SPITM) for benchmarking them.  As the medal distribution and domination of a country varies between sports, a Normalization Coefficient has been introduced to reduce the bias.  

In today’s time and age websites are a key communication platform for information assimilation and dissemination which in turn contributes to greater confidence among the primary stakeholders – participants, consumers and investors. The report looks at the websites of top NSFs around the world – with a focus on the USA, Great Britain and Australia – to learn what they do to enable greater participation, support top talent and engage / leverage the associations with sponsors and partners. 

In the backdrop of this report, a detailed NSF questionnaire cum self-assessment form – looking at Performance; Participation; Events; Funding, Sponsorship and Marketing; Administration/Governance – along with a proprietary software tool has been developed incorporating global best practices. The report also contains an abridged version of the questionnaire and a snapshot of the qualitative analysis done on one of the NSFs.   

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Sporting assets have been, especially in developed countries, leveraged by governments & businesses to develop their brand & create new/ enhanced revenue streams.

The recent world-class performances across multiple sports have shown that India has the talent to be among the top sporting countries in the world. We also recognize that a lot more needs to be done, especially in the development of sports at the grassroots level where States have an important role to play if India has to be able take advantage of the positive momentum and claim its rightful place among the top sporting countries.

In India, development of sports is a state subject, and it is time for States to recognize & exploit the opportunities that come with investment in sporting assets.

Winning Matters Consulting and FICCI tied up to conduct a first-of-its-kind study to comprehensively research & analyze the sporting systems at the State-level & come up with an annual ranking of Indian States based on a unique Sports Performance Index (SPITM). This research study would allow the States to know where they stand while identifying areas of improvement. It would also serve as an investment guidance to Indian and international businesses and Sporting Associations.
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