To achieve its Vision and Mission, Winning Matters Consulting will consult to key stakeholders - Government, National Sports Federations, Industry, Media and Educational Institutions - on high impact projects in focused verticals - Performance, Participation, Technology, Infrastructure and Events - built on a strong data-driven foundation from assessments/audits and research.

Indian sport has made rapid improvements and Winning Matters more now than ever before.

Winning Matters makes
macro-level interventions to enable the larger sporting environment in India.

We provide our Winning Matters through:
  • Assessments of systems to enable consistent winning and investments in sporting assets
  • Research
  • Consulting

  constantly enabling the following key stakeholders of the sporting ecosystem:
  • Government (State and National) – in sports policy framing and implementation
  • National Sporting Federations
  • Industry – in enabling smarter investments in sporting assets
  • Media
  • Elite Athletes, Teams and Sports Organizations – in ensuring that they have the right systems in place to enable consistent winning

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