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  • Which sporting asset can I use to leverage my brand/product?
  • The sporting asset in which I have invested in not performing as per expectations, does anything need to be changed?
  • What are the ways in which a sporting asset can be used to benefit my business/brand?
  • Which sporting asset should my business or brand associate with to get maximum visibility?
  • How do I know if my association with a given sporting asset has given me the right return on investment?
  • Is what I am paying the right price to associate with a sporting asset?
  • I have got a proposal/proposition to associate with a sporting asset, but I need help to evaluate it?
  • I have made an investment in a sporting asset but need help to monitor its progress?
  • Should I continue my investment in a sporting asset?
A Sporting Asset is defined as - A sportsperson, a sports event, a sporting facility, a sports team, a sports academy.